Argonees. It’s name means darkness and indeed the world is a very, very dark place. Even still, a few bright lights shine and a horde of darkness seeks constantly to consume it.

Into this mass, five strangers have been thrust. Plucked from some other world or worlds, our heroes have been reborn into this world of darkness. Could this be the beginning of a new day for Argonees? Could this be the dawn? Or have they been brought for a different reason. Are they light or this world’s greatest darkness.

If this is the dawn, surely the world will be its darkest just before the day light and these lone souls, set apart from other men, must prove themselves greater than those that have come before, or their names too will be lost in the annals of history.

Dramatis Personae

The World

The Story So Far


Week 0: The Preamble : Introduction to the Campaign and setup for first session.

Chapter 1 – Rude Awakenings

Week 1: A Trip to Rogard : Our heroes win in the arena (and save their own necks) and are sent off to reestablish relations with the barbarian hordes of the north.

Week 2: Strange Happenings : Our heroes awaken…. again…

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A New Day Rising

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