A New Day Rising

Player Notes from Session 5

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Reply ok here goes. it might be a jumbled mess but here are my notes…

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Come to camp and see tracks from a cart. 3 sets of booted footprints from humanoids that lead to grayhouse. We are headed back to Snakehead. 1-17-1400 date of the gazetter 1-27-1400 todays date come to bridge with troll and he wants 300 gp to pass.. we fight him and get troll treasure..his name is Gulag we get 200 gp, dire wolf fur and pots and pans.. we give the dire wolf fur to constable for the trolls wife.

Gazetter 1-14 alpha wolfe co.. rushes to hero guild Embraglio is still in power Clause behind Embraglio now Gilead missing from vote Great works from Alpha wolfe co overseas Bloody Baron spotted on the Isle of Time

Headed to Snakehead going to talk to crazy red on the North side of town. He sounds under diress like he is sick. tower is where he has instructed and he has his stuff there. Embraglio and Maze 1 is a sorcerer and 1 is a wizard… Crazy Red wants us to go to the tower and retrieve item for him. He has parts of his memory that seem to be missing.We make a deal on the stone. He wants us to retrieve his thought and memory bottle. they are in the dungeon in the tower. In the very back in unused cell w/ silver bars buried beneath the flagstone.

Last Gazetter Embraglio has locked down hero’s Guild . War ships are on the port.

Go west to Tower

Nuella gets hat from T Get note from Tricia look for house on southside of town Rental house from tricia rented for the strangers (us) Single floor dwelling hot tea and cookies w/ note Thomas will check house while we are gone.

Day 4 into trip meet some plant type people and fight hear howling in the distance Night 5 more howling Day 6 more howling- seems to be getting closer and continuous sort of howling just before nightfall we get close enough we can hear it moving around adeline goes and checks it out. she finds kithka and he takes us to Gilead. who has 2 arrows in his back. Adeline takes arrows out and she heals him. He has been out 3 days he fought with friend and foe beauxmont. Gilead turns into a werewolf. He makes us put him in Shackles.. Day 7 turns back into himself

Embraglio =Sorcerer Maze= Wizard

Beauxmont =150 yr old vampire..

Day 8 – come to the tower We all go to different rooms Connie and phil -stinking room matt and paul – dining hall me and Shana – leather room I find a quiver of arrows connie goes off by herself to barracks room connie finds a adv kit phil goes to common room connie finds leather room and we get stuck we all find basement and then me and connie find mbr and fight a winter wolf. we finally all get there.. it seems what you say takes you to that spot..

magical arrow and coded note in desk bag that jingles =500 gp sack that goes clinkety clack=gems 1300gp now that I have found the arrow I can find the abborhation and slay it. now we go to the library standing in front of the d books 8 copper bugs and fight

Week 2 - Strange Happenings

Adolan, Jimbo, Kira, Nuella and Vayera has just exited the glacier mines as the mines collapsed around them. As they turned back to look at the scene, they were surprised to see a colossal disembodied head floating over the caves. As woman’s face, of fair complexion, hair tangled and tossed glared down at them. Even if her spectacles had been on correctly or there were no twigs and bits of moss in her hair, she would still have appeared completely insane.

She bellowed at the heros, “What are you doing? I summoned you here to stop the dark one and yet I find you here, in Rogard, about as far way as you could be from you task. If you can’t follow instructions, I’ll just find someone who can.”

A trip to Rogard

1.8.1400 – A trip to Rogard

Adolan, Jimbo, Kira, Nuella and Vayera awoke on the morning of the eighth day of the year knowing they would face the arena at dawn. The arena, a massive magical creation, was set for the Battle of Holden Ridge. Standing in the middle of the arena, atop a raised platform, stood Gilead, bow at the ready. The area surrounding the platform had several small buildings forming a circle. Our heroes make wise use of these structures, limiting the amount of destruction that Gilead could rain down upon them with his bow. Only Vayera took significant damage, catching two arrows from Gilead before he could find sanctuary behind a building.

Adolan, in a moment of inspiration, pulled a lasso from his pack. A lucky throw entangled and tripped Gilead but he managed to cling to the top of the platform. He reached for his dagger at one point, but realized that he would be pulled from the platform if he let go even a little bit. Jimbo and Nuella joined Adolan and their tug-o-war against the prone Gilead and Kira advanced to take advantage of the fact the Gilead was now prone. The conclusion was nearly forgone at this point. It was only a matter of time before the heroes pulled Gilead from the platform, at which point Vayera raced to the platform and lit the signal fire, winning the Battle of Holden Ridge.


Despite the nearly cloudless night, a peel of thunder shakes the earth and a single flash of lightning highlights a lone cloaked figure standing on a hilltop overlooking the Ruins of Time. In the valley itself, the word ruin only begins to describe the condition of what was once a wonder of the world. Rings of crumbling stone surround a central rubble pile that was once a temple. To whom or to what it was dedicated no one remembers; only that it was, and perhaps still is, a place of great power. The wind begins to blow on the hilltop, whipping the cloak of the figure standing watch there. Though his face is hidden within the cloak, it is easy enough to determine that his is watching the sky, perhaps awaiting some sign. How long he stands there, motionless, you can not tell, but at some point, a much smaller figure approaches him from the rear.

“Master, it is time.”

“Yes Ubood, it is. In a few moments, the bells will sound midnight and the first day of the first month of the fourteen-hundredth year will begin. The year my might will spread upon the earth. The year those who have been loyal to me will be rewarded. The year the world will change; change to suit my desires.”


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