Argonees is a place that did not exist 1400 years ago. Or rather, a place that existed only in the minds of 14 rival spell casters who set about to capture and enslave several very powerful beings to force them to do their will… and that will was to build for them their own playground.

Today, the 14 Founders don’t seem very interested in their toy, but the denizens they brought to this world call it home non-the-less.

To the mechanical:

Argonees is dangerous. There is light in the world and Hero Guild is a great example, but there is much much more darkness than there is light.

I know I don’t need to tell seasoned gamers this, but your characters represent the exceptional among the exceptional. Those one-in-a-million individuals in the world. As such, there can be no doubt that you are a cut above and you can do things that the average person simply can not.

In keeping with that theme, you should know that I will ALWAYS reward exceptional, over-the-top heroics. That’s not to say you are guaranteed success, but I will never tell you that you can’t try =) And if you die doing something over the top, I’ll make sure that NPC’s sing your praises for decades to come!


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