Hero Guild

When the denizens of Argonees began to realize that the Founders seemed to have lost interest in their little place in the multiverse, they began banding together to help one another in times of trouble.

The most famous organization to ever do this is called Hero Guild. Making their home on the Isle of Time Hero Guild is a bright spot in an otherwise dark world. Hero Guild’s current Guild Master, Imbroglio oversees the day to day activities of Hero Hall the guild’s base of operations, mansion, manor, and stronghold. Hero Guild’s governing body is the Grand Council of Hero Guild.

Hero Guild has had both famous and infamous members over the years. Not only has it produced the greatest Champions of Light, but the greatest Denizens of Darkness as well.

Hero Guild also sponsors the yearly contest referred to simply as the Arena. A great deal of fame and renowned is to be had by winning the contest. The current Arena Champion is Indigo who has won the contest for several years in a row.

Hero Guild

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