Isle of Time

The Isle of Time is the home of Hero Guild and the Free City of Port. It is also the first land documented by the Great Sage. His documentation of the island is referred to as his First Work. The north end of the island is home of the barbarian tribes of Rogard which sit in the Frozen Forest.

The Plainsmen inhabit the grassy plains of the island where they find sufficient graze for their horses.

Elves inhabit the Locien forest. They prefer to keep to themselves but are not openly hostile to outsiders.

The Ruins of Time sit a days ride southwest if you travel by horse.

Traveling up Three Snake River, you come to the small town of Snake Head.

Traveling east from the Free City of Port along the old coast road, you’ll discover the small town of Dark Wood which is named for the forest also called Dark Wood.

Isle of Time

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