The forest of Locien is located just west of Hero Guild. The Great Sage discovered that the Founders had introduced elves to the forest about the time he was completing his First Work. According to elvish legend, it was because of their presence that the sage setup an outpost for himself that would eventually become Hero Guild.

The elves of Locien have become accustomed to the brash exploits of would-be heroes due to their long exposure to Hero Guild. As such, anyone entering Locien can reasonably expect not to be attacked on sight, however, you may suddenly fall asleep and awaken only to find yourself back outside the wood.

Although the Locienian elves have since settle in many other areas of the known world, there isn’t an elf or druid alive who doesn’t hold a special place in their heart of Locien. Indeed, those many druids who do not live in Locien will all make pilgrimage to Locien at some point in their career as world itself will not allow the druid to ascend to the highest echelons of power without the Blessing of the Forest.

The Locienian elves prefer to make their homes among the tree tops rather than on the ground with entire cities being suspended from mellinial old trees. Indeed it is possible for a young Locienian to not even see the ground during his first several years of life.

The Locienian elves are fair even by elven standards. Their skins radiates a faint blue-white glow when even the faintest of light touches their skin. A night around the campfire with Locienian elves is otherworldly as the light that emanates from their skin bathes the entire camp in a ghostly blue light. Locienians have also developed a natural ability to create fire that casts blue light. Any fire build by a true Locienian elf cast blue light rather than yellow.

It is because of this blue glow that the Locienian elves have a special love for the color blue and revere blue as a holy color. The sky, the ocean and gems of blue are among those things held in highest esteem among them. Indeed there is no faster way to the heart of a true Locienian than a necklace made of Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Moonstone, or other precious gems of blue and is often considered a necessary part of the courting process for a young male elf.

Typically, a young male elf will present his potential mate with a necklaces of gems (that he has crafted himself if possible). After their courting process, which can be quiet long, the female shows her acceptance of him by presenting him with a blue jewel of some sort that he will carry with him the rest of his life. It is considered a great tragedy for an elf to loose this token and wars have been fought to retrieve a lost token.


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